Devon Kitts

Sports medicine, Exercise Physiology

Professional Background

Devon has been practicing exercise delivery for 5 years and has developed a broad knowledge of prescribing exercise to a wide variety of health conditions, from heart and lung disease to spinal cord injuries. He is the strength and conditioning coach of the Albany Creek Leisure Center's State and National swimmers, many of whom have achieved state and national titles and have competed at world championships. He has trained cyclists and triathletes from the Queensland Academy of Sport, and a 2016 special olympic champion in swimming. He has also trained many other athletes including Rugby players to muay thai fighters. Devon's passion lies in all fields from sports enhancement, healthy ageing and rehabilitation. He enjoys working with a diverse range of clientele where he can develop his skills and knowledge.

He has been competing as an Olympic Weightlifter for the past three years and is ranked second in the state. Prior to competing as a weightlifter, Devon played American Football in various positions. He has been selected to the state and national team various times, and won a state championship with a perfect season in his final year as the team's captain. Having played multiple sports and trained various athletes, his knowledge of biomechanics is extensive.

His philosophy in regards to exercise and rehab is to educate you on how the body works so you have a greater knowledge and understanding. He believes in giving you the tools and knowledge on how to become more independent with minimal risk of injury, and so you can improve in your quality of life.


  • Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology
  • Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science
  • Certificate 3 & 4 in Personal Training
  • Level 1 Certificate in Boxing Fitness