In this podcast, Hugo Teixeira, Senior Psychologist and Head of Department at GO2 Health, talks about psychology - what it is, how it works, some of the common terms that are used and what takes place in a psychology session. He also makes the following key points:

  • Therapy is a two-way process where in collaboration, the patient and the psychologist make goals to work towards
  • In psychology, there is typically a treatment phase, development of a treatment plan and then a maintenance phase that follows
  • The ultimate goal is for the person to become their own therapist as they phase out of therapy

Hugo suggests that patients should seek out a psychologist where they feel they can have a good relationship. This might involve meeting with a few different psychologists to find the person they are happy to work with, where they feel safe and not judged.

Hugo talks about the commonly used "just think positively" message that we often see and hear in our everyday lives. From a treatment approach, there are really bad days and we need some strategies to sit in that uncomfortable state rather than wish it away. It is preferred to have a more emotional perspective and be comfortable with a whole range of emotions and "do it anyway".

Therapy is not an "easy" process because patients will be asked to open up and talk about things they may have been avoiding. With this can come huge relief for the person to be able to talk about their challenges and experiences.

The positive benefits of therapy can include a different dynamic and relationship that patients have with their deep dark thoughts and feelings so they are no longer so disturbing for the person. The person will learn skills to deal with their issues and take part in activities in life that they enjoy. 

In terms of veterans, psychology can be a helpful process for military personnel who are transitioning from very structured environments to healthy lifestyle strategies for use in civilian life. Psychology can also help them by linking them with important healthcare, career direction and other important life considerations.

Click here to listen to the interview with Hugo.

For more information or to book an appointment with Hugo, please phone GO2 Health on 3355 5540.