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Codie DeCaux


Professional Background

Codie is a Myotherapist who uses a range of hands-on techniques, exercise, and education to get the best outcomes for you. She is passionate about her work and loves having a chat with patients and colleagues. She believes working in a team and collaborating with other health professionals is the best way to achieve the desired outcomes for patients.

Codie strives to treat individuals and improve quality of life by decreasing pain and dysfunction. She has a particular interest and nerve pain, repetitive strain injuries, foot and hand pain and jaw dysfunctions. She knows how much more there is out there to learn and is constantly updating her knowledge and skills.

Codie loves geeking and reading textbooks and research articles, but she also loves to be active in any fun and new way she can, being creative and socialising with friends.

To learn more about Codie and what she is all about visit her professional instagram: @codie.myo


  • Bachelor of Health Science (Myotherapy)