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Dr Joanne Woodford

General Practitioner

Professional Background

“Dr Jo” is a very local girl growing up just suburbs away at Enoggera.

She graduated in 1989 from Qld University at St Lucia. Always practising within Brisbane and surrounding areas, she understands the unique Australian culture, lifestyle and challenges and medical environment. She initially went into medicine because she lacked the ability to become a concert pianist or Dr Who, but still enjoys music and shops online for a TARDIS.

Dr Jo is a laid back, straight talking GP who is dedicated to knowing the whole person and is extremely passionate about your welfare. She takes people as they come and expects them to do the same with her as she is no longer a young chook.

With a very understanding and non judgemental manner she loves a chat and a laugh, but beware because she has a warped sense of humour. She has a wide variety of interests from many years in General Practice including pain management, opiate replacement, mental health, minor procedures like iron infusions and minor skin excision, enabling patients to avoid long wait times at hospitals. She will happily discuss many types of therapy including medication based and alternative therapies. She is delighted in this opportunity to work with a team of other doctors and therapists. With so many years in general practice there is little that she hasn’t seen but looks forward to new challenges.

Dr Jo is excited to see new patients and giving them the best medical care ensuring the best health and life outcomes for her patients. Jo understands very well that family medicine is a partnership that needs trust, communication and choices for both patient and doctor. You become a team and move forward together, or it doesn't work.

Outside of her work Jo has 3 incredibly cute toy poodles and will happily share many dog related escapades of her 3 party poodles. She also loves gardening but is very bad at it and spends a lot of time replacing dead plants.