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Josh Bailey

Provisional Psychologist

Professional Background

Introducing Josh Bailey a provisional psychologist who at 41 embarked on a career in psychology completing a Graduate Diploma in Psychology (Charles Sturt University) and Psychology Honours (Institute of Social Neuroscience). Josh is self-motivated with vast experience in many different fields, completing 18 years in the Army in 2021 and holding a Bachelor of Policing (Charles Sturt University).

Josh joined the Army Reserves at 17 and following completion of required Commando training courses in 1999 was posted to a raid platoon in 1 Commando Company Sydney. His other postings include 2/17 RSNWR, 9 RQR, 4 RAR as an infantryman and 1 RAR and 2 Commando as a Fitter/Armorer specialising in marine mechanics. He worked in TAG E, Queensland Floods 2011, and North Queensland Floods 2019.

Josh joined the Australian Protective Service and was one of the 16 original Air Marshals in 2001. He was deployed with the Air Marshal program to Papua New Guinea. Josh later joined the police force serving in general duties and deployed to the Solomon Islands with RAMSI.

Currently Josh is a volunteer with Disaster Relief Australia as a wellbeing associate and most recently worked in the Northern NSW town of Coraki as a counsellor alongside a multi-disciplinary team of social workers, ADF and nurses. Having worked in three major disaster areas Josh has a keen interest in disaster management and recovery. He has an interest in researching the effects of natural disasters and understanding clinically significant change in depression and anxiety amongst disaster victims.

Josh understands the holistic approach to health firsthand recovering after accessing a nurse, psychologist, physio, and GP following a serious medical incident in 2016. Josh has a passion for working with veterans and emergency service workers experiencing trauma. He is a keen sportsman, representing the Australian Army in Cricket.


  • Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Charles Sturt University)
  • Psychology Honours (Institute of Social Neuroscience)
  • Bachelor of Policing (Charles Sturt University)