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Peter Lee

Exercise Physiologist

Professional Background

Peter is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist who firmly believes and is passionate about the impact exercise on not just physical health but development of the person as a whole. Having graduated Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology in 2021, Peter aims to provide a service that is not a “one size fits all” approach but an individualized approach that is still within the evidence-based framework. His focus is creating consistency in training habits through simple yet effective exercise programs. With this approach, he hopes to create meaningful changes in his clients’ physical performance and lifestyle.

Peter’s personal experience in team sports and experience working with developmental athletes has developed his belief that simply prescribing effective exercises is not enough. He hopes to provide holistic health care to his clients. This means promoting a healthy lifestyle and maximizing health benefits through exercise but also other areas such as nutrition and lifestyle habits . By utilizing the expert team from various fields at GO2Health, Peter hopes to guide clients to fully utilize the services provided at GO2Health to maximize outcomes.