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Rowan Telford

CVC Nurse

Professional Background

Rowan originates from Dunedin, New Zealand (you will not once hear her complain about the cold). She completed secondary school in Sunny Queensland before moving to Invercargill, New Zealand to Study Nursing.

Rowan studied through the tumultuous year of 2020 and graduated as a “Pandemic Graduate” receiving her Bachelor of Nursing. She began working immediately in Aged and Palliative Care, before moving to long term Care. She has worked in both Nursing and Support Working roles in residential Mental Health Care and Psychogeriatrics where she developed a passion for person-centred care and Chronic Disease Management and Prevention.

When the Australian Borders opened at the beginning of 2022, Rowan was quick to return home after several years away.

Since returning to Oz, she has spent as much time with her family as she can enjoying the company of her many Nieces and Nephews. Rowan has found passion in volunteering and community service in the Brisbane River-city Rotaract Club. When she’s not at GO2 Health, you’re sure to find her at Rotary events and book club meetings.


  • Bachelor of Nursing