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Kate Boucher

Level 2 sports Physiotherapist, Dry Needling and ART, Rehabilitation

Professional Background

Introducing Kate Boucher, physiotherapist since 2002. Graduating from University of Queensland with honors and since this time has worked across many different fields in the profession.  She firmly believes in the importance of a comprehensive approach to health care with the use of a multidisciplinary team providing both the quickest and best outcome for her patients.

Kate’s interest in all things anatomical and how our bodies work as a complex system began as a teen when she represented Queensland for netball.  She is a level 2 sports physiotherapist, having worked with many elite sports people including a stint as the head physio for Premier Grade Rugby and Soccer clubs in Brisbane.  With an intimate appreciation of the need for speedy recovery after sports injury, she utilises techniques such as Dry Needling and ART to gain fast results. Close collaboration with the Exercise Physiology team facilitates comprehensive rehabilitation and elimination of the cause of the injury, not merely the symptom.  It may be your first ever ankle sprain, your third knee reconstruction, or a rotator cuff tear….. whatever your injury, Kate will understand your needs and work with you towards your goals.

Kate has a keen interest in lumbar and pelvic pain syndromes and enjoys tackling those niggling problems that people live with unnecessarily for many years.  She has completed further training in pelvic and SIJ dysfunction and will guide those patients with chronic pain towards a brighter future through a combination of manual therapy and core-stability training.

As a mother of 3, Kate has a broad knowledge of pre and post natal care and women’s health issues.  Whether it be advice regarding safe exercise during pregnancy, treatment of sciatica or pelvic floor conditions or abdominal strengthening for the treatment and prevention of incontinence, she is here to help!

Kate currently works with many of our current and previous defence force members.  Here at GO2, we have an intimate knowledge of the special requirements that this highly specialised field of work demands.  Our collaborative approach to health care means that you will have access to all the specialties you need in one location.

Kate is also trained in the treatment of lymphoedema and believes in the importance of guiding women through the confusing and daunting time after surgery for breast cancer and pelvic surgery.  In close collaboration with our acupuncture team, she will work with you, teach you strategies for treatment and prevention of lymphoedema, all with a kind and gentle approach providing comfort and confidence during your recovery.

Come and see Kate to experience a physiotherapist that is passionate about YOU!


  • Level 2 sports Physiotherapist
  • Advanced Dry Needling

Professional Associations / Achievements / Awards

  • Head physio for Premier Grade Rugby and Soccer (brisbane)