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Dr. Murtaza Dungerwalla

General Practitioner

Professional Background

Dr. Murtaza Dungerwalla brings a unique blend of expertise to his practice drawing from his extensive background in general and urological surgery, as well as his service in intensive care units and emergency departments across Queensland.

Now, he channels his unwavering commitment into general practice providing quality patient-centered care and fostering a safe and non-judgmental environment where patients feel understood and valued. His empathetic approach ensures that every individual receives personalized attention and care tailored to their needs.

Combining his experience of surgery and passion for helping patients, he carries out a range of minor surgical procedures, skin cancer checks and treatment, inclusive of both surgical and non-surgical options. He also provides other procedures which include iron infusions, wedge resections, implanon insertion and removals.

Beyond his surgical experience, Dr. Dungerwalla holds a special interest in men’s health, chronic complex diseases, geriatric medicine, musculoskeletal medicine, and preventative healthcare. He enjoys the variety of patients he can help in General Practice.

Outside of work, Dr. Dungerwalla finds joy in nature, indulging in his passions for diving, traveling, and hiking whenever he can. His adventurous spirit mirrors his approach to medicine, where he continuously seeks new ways to enrich the lives of his patients


  • MBChB
  • PGDipSurgAnat
  • SCHP