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Pilates Program

Our clinical pilates program is a progressive strength and mobility program that will help you achieve your physical goals or recovery from injury or surgery.  Pilates informed exercise at GO2 Health is prescribed by a pilates trained Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist and Health Fund rebates generally apply.  Each program is based on the individual goals and needs of the client.  
Pilates informed exercise can be delivered in a one:one format or within a small group (max of four) during which each client is supervised/guided to complete their individual exercise. 



Our Pilates reformers can be accessed via one:one sessions or small group exercise classes.  Those wishing to join the group sessions must first have an initial one:one session.   Within the subsequent group sessions, you will progressively work towards more challenging variations of your exercises as your skills improve.  At the conclusion of your 10 sessions, you may be advised to have a one:one program revision session prior to commencing a subsequent pack.  This session will ensure that you are working towards new goals with a tailored set of exercises. 

            1 x individual prescription session (50min)                                                   $145

Individual prescription sessions (50 Min)

This private session will focus on musculoskeletal assessment and development of an individual program that provides you with a goal-oriented plan.  The aim is that you can then  join the group supervised sessions, to work through your program.  Some patients require a second individual session for further program development and one:one supervision.                                             

             10 Pack program:            10 x Group exercise sessions                                 $350

Group sessions (50 min)

Once you have completed the individual prescription session/s, you may choose to join our group exercise sessions (max of 4 people).  These are fully-supervised by a Pilates-trained physiotherapist or exercise physiologist who will adjust and progress your exercises as your skills develop.

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