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GO2 Doctors 

GO2 is proud of our collaborative ‘one stop shop’ approach to your health. Our AGPAL accredited medical practice works closely with your other GO2 practitioners as needed. The friendly GPs, Dr Kieran McCarthy, Dr Ian Fraser (OAM), Dr Heidi McKenzie, and Dr Ramsey Jabbour are available to provide a range of services to our patients. 

Apart from adult general practice our special interests include ADF veteran’s health, sports medicine, lifestyle and preventative medicine, chronic disease management, travel advice, CASA aviation medicals, skin cancer checks and excisions. We also work with a range of local Specialists to enhance your overall health and wellbeing.

Due to our location close to Enoggera Barracks the doctors at GO2 have a strong focus on DVA patients and their families. We are all ‘DVA friendly’ and we aim to ‘wrap up’ our veterans and families to help improve their physical and mental health.

GP consult times

The doctors are available from Monday to Friday. 

Dr Kieran is available for consult on:                     

Monday:                  1.00 pm – 4.30 pm
Tues / Thurs:           8.30 am – 4.30 pm
Friday:                     10.00 am – 4.00 pm

Dr Ian is available for consult on:

Monday – Thursday:      10.00 am – 6.00 pm

Dr Heidi is available for consult on:

Mon / Thurs:           8.00 am – 5.30 pm
Friday:                    1.00 pm – 5.00 pm

Dr Ramsey is available for consult on:

Monday – Thursday:      8.00 am – 5.00 pm

Dr Ian sees predominantly adult DVA patients, but also has interests in Diabetes and Parkinson’s disease. He does not perform skin excisions or other procedures.

Dr Kieran is a CASA DAME (aviation medicals)

For your convenience, we have implemented an online booking system. Otherwise please contact Reception.

We also offer a wide range of allied health services onsite over extended hours, including:

  • Physiotherapy & Reformer Pilates
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Dietetics & Nutrition
  • Psychology
  • Acupuncture & Chinese herbalist
  • Remedial Massage

GO2 Doctors is a private billing practice, so fees are at the discretion of our doctor. Providing high quality health care is expensive, and the Government Medicare rebate for bulk billing does not allow us to provide you with optimal care. Due to the complexity of most of our patients, we offer longer standard consults.

Standard 20 min consultation fee is $120.00 (your cost: $48.80)

Short 10 min consultation fee is $75 (your cost: $37.95)
      (scripts / referrals / abnormal results)

DVA patients are bulk billed, as are children under 16 yrs. Services that involve wound dressings (such as skin excisions) may attract a small non - rebatable procedure fee, to cover the cost of consumables. Please discuss this with Reception or our Practice nurse


Our policy is that payments are to be made on the day of consultation. Accepted payment methods include credit card, EFTPOS and cash. We can process your Medicare rebate electronically. A full list of fees is available at reception.

After hours GP Service

GO2 have subscribed to ‘National Home Doctor Service’, allowing our patients to gain advice or be seen in their home after hours. This service is bulk billed. Contact them on 13 74 25. www.homedoctor.com.au


It is our policy that results are not given over the phone (unless of an urgent nature), as it is not best medical practice. We do not believe in enforcing a follow-up visit for ‘normal’ results.  Results of pathology and imaging are downloaded to the GP who reviews and marks off those that need recall . They are all filed in your electronic patient record. Our Practice nurse will recall patients to discuss abnormal results (many are non urgent in nature).  Otherwise, you are welcome to discuss any of your results at your next consult. Please contact Reception if you wish to see if your results have been received, or are concerned and wish to discuss.

Repeat Scripts

We are unable to provide scripts without a short 10 min consult. Repeat scripts will not be provided for antibiotics and narcotic/strong analgesia without a consult. Please let Reception know what you require.

Medical Certificates & Specialist Referrals

By law, a medical certificate may only be given on the day of consult and not backdated.  Specialist referrals (including renewals) require a consult, and are not able to be backdated by law.

Pathology & Imaging

Due to their close proximity, we generally utilise Sullivan & Nicolaides Pathology and QScan for the majority of these tests. However should it suit we can refer to other providers closer to home.

In house tests

Our practice nurses can provide ECGs (heart tracing), Spirometry (lung function), PAP smears, vaccinations and wound care.

Phone Calls & Emails

Phone calls can be disruptive to the patient consult – generally our receptionists will take your call and leave a message with our doctor. He will endeavour to call you back promptly if it is of an urgent nature, however return calls may not be made until later in the day. Emails will be answered within 24 hours, but usually much faster.  

Home visits

Our doctors are able to facilitate a home visit for those that are too ill or otherwise unable to come to the practice. Please be aware that home visits can be quite disruptive to the doctor’s day, and are often performed during lunch breaks et al. Due to time constraints we have a 5km limit. Please contact reception to discuss your needs. Home visits are up to the discretion of the doctor.  Don’t forget the after hours doctor service during times we are closed.


Our cancellation or ‘no show’ fee is the 50% of the standard booked consultation fee if we do not receive notice of your cancellation. We need 8 hours notice if you wish to cancel an appointment. This enables us to reschedule the day for other patients. Please call us if you are stuck in traffic etc.

Reminders and Practice information

GO2 is committed to preventative care and we may issue you with reminder notices or practice information from time to time. Please advise the staff if you do not wish to participate in this program.


GO2 acknowledges that patient complaints are an important source of customer feedback. Under the Health Services Act 1987 people with complaints should try to resolve them directly with the GO2 Business Manager. If a satisfactory outcome is not achieved then complaint can be directed to the Health Services Commissioner for action by calling 03 8601 5200.

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