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Dr Kieran McCarthy is a CASA Designated Aviation Medical Examiner (DAME). He is a member of the Australasian Society of Aerospace Medicine, and regularly attends CPD activities.

CASA Medical certification page

☑    All initial medicals require a CASA Aviation Reference Number (ARN) prior to medical. Application forms on CASA website.

☑    Ensure you notify GO2 Reception of your requirements, so we can book enough time for your medical - Confirm if Licence Class 1 / 3 (Commercial / ATC) or Class 2 (Private / UAV); Initial or Renewal

If initial Class 1 / 3, applicant will need:

  1. Eye examination with Designated Aviation Opthalmologist (DAO) or Certified Aviation Optometrist. They will submit report to CASA. No referral needed. List on CASA website.
    Likely cost: $200 - 300+  (no rebate)
  2. Pathology for cholesterol and glucose (fasting). Go2 can provide Path request form if needed. Ideally completed a few days before medical – water only after dinner and on waking, have bloods taken in the morning at local S&N or QML collection centre. If you have had bloods done within the last 3 months they may be suitable.
    Lab fee involved (no bulk billing)
  3. Hearing test – this can be done at any Audiologist, however we recommend ‘Activ-ears’, who are in walking distance to GO2 (tell them it’s for an aviation medical). They will provide you with a letter to bring to your medical with the test results. We do not do in-house audiology testing yet. Cost is around $55, with no Medicare rebate.
  4. CASA medical processing fee. Uncomplicated medicals are usually processed within 28 days. Usually paid at time of medical via credit card. They post the certificate to the applicant – initial medical certificates are not provided at the time of the medical.
    Cost: $75.
  5. The ECG will be done at GO2. 


Class 1 / 3 renewals:

CASA requires extra tests such as ECG, Audiology and Lipids/Glucose at certain age milestones. See CASA website for more information. If you do not require these extra tests then you will only be charged the GO2 base medical fee.

Class 2 (private pilot / UAV)

No specific tests are needed, unless an issue is identified during the medical (added cost). 

Aviation Medical Fees:

GO2 charges a base fee for all classes of medicals, with added cost for any required extra tests such as ECG. Please contact us for details.

Applicant additional advice / what to bring:

  • Identification with name and photo e.g. driver’s licence, passport or ASIC card
  • A list of all medications, both prescription and over the counter
  • Details of your medical & surgical history if you are new to us
  • Glasses and contact lenses if worn
  • The name and contact details of regular GP and Dentist (if applicable)
  • A urine specimen will be required while at the medical (diabetes check)


A handy flowchart with the process is available here

CASA is the final arbitrator for medicals – they can request further testing or reports, potentially at added cost. They will certainly want more detail if you have conditions such as asthma, mental health issues, heart problems and other chronic conditions – if you have supporting documentation it helps to submit these at the time of the medical.

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