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Vandhana Tularam


Professional Background

Vandhana worked in private practice settings in New Zealand before recently moving to Australia.

Vandhana is a passionate Physiotherapist who strives to enable people to return to their meaningful activities with more enjoyment.

Vandhana holds a Masters degree in Sports Physiotherapy, and a Postgraduate certificate in Acupuncture.

She has worked for Performance Massage Australia for well known Australian rugby league teams including the Kangaroos, Broncos and Panthers. Vandhana is a certified matwork Pilates instructor and holds a certificate in Personal Training, both of which she integrates into her treatment approach.

She has a strong interest in treating chronic pain (particularly chronic low back pain). Having an outdoorsy and active lifestyle herself, Vandhana believes in promoting healthy lifestyle choices, both from a rehabilitative and preventative perspective. Her approach is building strong therapeutic relationships, using hands on techniques, exercise-based rehabilitation, and collaborating with the wider multidisciplinary team to ensure holistic, and client-centered treatment.