GO2Health’s Coordinated Veteran Care (CVC) program is our comprehensive care management program aimed at preventing chronic illness in veterans.

Most veterans we treat are aged 25 -55 and our CVC is designed as a holistic program of preventative medicine. We discuss your wellbeing goals with you, and from that create your ‘Green Folder’ – your comprehensive medical record.

In your Green Folder we record things like:

  • Medications you take
  • Results from any screening tests, like blood tests, skin checks, mental health assessments
  • Results of any biomechanical checks, like those done by a physiotherapist or podiatrist
  • Discussions we have about building a healthy lifestyle - including limiting drug and alcohol use, increasing exercise and practicing mindfulness
  • Who makes up your support network, including family relationships
  • Treatment plans developed for you by the allied health professionals at GO2 Health, ensuring they complement other treatment plans
  • Anything else that gives us and you a complete overview of your health and wellbeing

Take control of your health with your Green Folder

Everyone in our CVC program takes home a copy of their Green Folder. This is your record of your goals, and care plans, which, in our experience, empowers our patients to take control of their healthcare needs.

The Green Folder is also a valuable resource if you attend multiple specialist appointments. We understand how frustrating repeating your medical history can be, so we encourage patients to share their Green Folder with specialists to give them an overview of your medical history and current treatment plans.

While we don’t expect you to share what’s in your Green Folder, we urge CVC participants to let their loved ones know what it is and where you keep it. If there is ever a medical emergency, paramedics and Emergency Department clinicians have quick access to vital information for their decision-making – including your current medications, allergies and medical conditions.

What the GO2 Health CVC program involves

Your first appointment will be a one-hour care planning discussion with a practice nurse and a 20-minute appointment with one of our GPs.

We’ll then invite you to a second appointment – the Green Folder appointment. This is when we document anything relevant to your health, including:

  • Medications
  • Allergies
  • Past medical history
  • Family medical history
  • Any test results and immunization records
  • Care and treatment plans
  • Correspondence

Each month a practice nurse will contact you to find out how you are managing. We know that lifestyle changes can be very difficult, so our regular check-ins can give you the support you need when making these changes.

Every 90 days we also get you to come back in to GO2 Health. At this appointment we review and update your folder – ensuring it’s always up to date and accurate.

Join the GO2 Health CVC program

If you are a gold card holder, make an appointment to see one of our GPs. They will discuss your goals with you and determine your eligibility to participate.

If you are already a patient at GO2 Health and are eligible to participate, a nurse will contact you to recommend joining the program.

If you would like to make an appointment, contact our friendly reception staff on 3355 5540.

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